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Central Elastic Corporation (CEC) is one of the world's leading rubber band manufacturers, with customers across world-wide over 30 countries, spanning four continents through out world-wide markets, from emerging to mature.

CEC is the leader in all major global rubber bands, has been officially established since 1973 in the heart of Perai Industrial Estate, Penang, Malaysia.

Our product types cover in household appliances, packaging stationery, industrial use, technical application, fishery industries, agriculture plantation process, sport equipment and even apply in hobbies.

Through its core values of Sustainability, Quality and Leadership, CEC commits to operating in a responsible way with respect to the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates. It is also committed to the sustainable management of the environment and of finite resources. In the past 3 years, CEC had revenues of $100 Millions Ringgit and rubber extrusion of average 3,000 tons per annual, representing approximately 3 per cent of world rubber-bands output.



CEC's core philosophy is to produce quality products & services for customer satisfaction through continual improvement and compliance with ISO 9001 QMS.

Safety at work place is the Company's top priority. Our safety performance has improved consistently over the last five years, most recently by 90% in 2009, and we will continue to target our ultimate goal of zero accidents.

The Company's leadership position in domestic rubber-band industry is the result of a consistent management strategy that focuses on green environment friendly products in electronic industries especially and geographic reach for all type of industries.

Our vision is providing value-added and customized rubber-band solutions through further research improvement to meet specific customer requirements. Our customers are the soul of our business. We collaborate closely with them to ensure that we evolve and develop our products inline with their continually changing need.

CEC is committed to form Leadership through quality products. This value shapes our behavior and recognizing that the Company has a duty to its stakeholders to operate in a responsible and transparent manner as safeguard the wellbeing of all its stakeholders, including employees, contractors and the communities in which it operates.

No discussion of the Group's philosophy would be completed without reference to our employees. The Company is only as good as its people, and our journey through-out the crisis was helped by peoples’ efforts, flexibility and understanding.


Innovative R&D

We are continually carried out research and development for value added product, new application and new manufacturing technology for rubber band.

We strongly believe that with our research and development capability had positioned us as a rubber band specialist.


R&D Capabilities

We have the capability of developing rubber band according to the customer requirement. Our teams have the experience and knowledge in the rubber band recipe formulation. Besides that, we are equipped with the latest testing facilities in our R&D laboratory. Our R&D laboratory is equipped with:
1 Moving Die Rheo-meter (MDR)
2 Mooney Viscometer
3 Tensile Tester
4 Ozone Chamber
5 Aging Oven
6 Densitometer
7 Internal Mixer
8 Mixing Mill
9 Curing Press
Quality Standard

We are ISO 9001 certified since year 2000 and JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) certified in year 2010. We are committed to provide quality rubber band and we believe strongly that quality is our strong point to lead among the competitors. We implement stringent quality control on our incoming raw material to final product.


Our Mission

Our R&D is the heart of CEC to be remained efficient and competitive in the market in delivering our mission in technological innovation and supporting its sustainability and future growth.
The R&D mission is to
Invent the formula of quality rubber band and provide solutions of tomorrow – by developing products that create value for customers and expand the use of Central Elastic Corporation's rubber-bands worldwide;
Improve Central Elastic Corporation's competitiveness - by developing new and optimizing current industrial processes to reduce cost and improve quality;
Contribute to sustainable development - by reducing environmental impact;
Continuously upgrade Central Elastic Corporation's scientific knowledge in rubber industries and attract technical talent to share our knowledge with our partners.
R&D Strength
  In-house Full time researchers
  Research Centre available in Malaysia and Japan.
  Adequate budget for continual improvement plan.

R&D Activities

Research dedicated to markets and products

Our C.E.C. R&D is highly business-oriented, ensuring a shorter time-to-market and improved competitiveness especially in special products as the following, through high speed, high-low mixed volume products at minimum cost yet the integrity of quality remained fully satisfied.
  Anchor Bands
  Antistatic Bands
  Conductive bands
  UV Resistance Bands
  Cold Resistance Bands
  Latex Free bands
  Industrial Bands
  & other customized bands
Research dedicated to process

Process R&D is indispensable for the implementation of all rubber bands products and solutions but also to meet the following objectives:

- cost reduction through improved productivity and reliability in our production processes; - improved environmental performance through reduced emissions; energy saving; flexibility in the use of raw materials and energy resources; and the systematic study of the impact of our products and processes on the environment.

C.E.C. raw material selection is quality benchmarking, by using rubber grades of
Our nature of products require high rubber grade to accommodate and associate our machineries and processes, in order to produce high quality products under the control of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) to maximize the number of band count begin from chemical weighing process until physical thickness control & width control in cutting process.

In the matter of fact, J.I.S. Quality Control is the bridge for us to exercise our ISO Quality Standard much more efficient in order to deliver quality rubber bands.
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